WWE’s Edge confirms how much control he has over his on-screen character

WWE veteran Edge has revealed to Daily Star how much control he has over the direction of his on-screen character following his dramatic return to the ring.

Real name Adam Copeland, the Hall of Fame star challenges for the Universal title at WrestleMania on Sunday.

That comes on the heels of a stunning comeback at the 2020 Royal Rumble after almost a decade away, having been forced to retire following serious neck issues.

The unforgettable moment was followed by a similarly dramatic one at the 2021 Rumble, with the Canadian sealing another return after suffering a torn triceps.

The man himself has made very clear he knows the time he has in the ring is limited and, as such, it’s a natural assumption that he has some sway with his how his on-screen persona is handled.

In a fascinating insight during our exclusive interview, the multi-time former world champion said he has no real qualms about who he wrestles – but insists on controlling much of what he says.

"It's not even so much [having control] in terms of the storylines or anything like that, for me it's more the promos,” he explained, discussing the dialogues that play out between WWE’s vast array of characters.

"I write my promos and I am very hands on with those because, to me, I have got to feel it. If someone else writes it and I am just reciting it, I can't feel it.

"This is a different thing than it is to be on a television or movie set where you've got a script and that has to follow multiple narratives and all those things.

"Wrestling is different in that regard because you're playing this one character for 20 years, and no one is going to know that character more than you, because you've had to live in that skin for that amount of time."

"So that's one thing that I have really enjoyed. I love writing, I love reading and I take little excerpts and bits and bobs here and there. I read 72 books last year and there are constantly stories going around in my head."

Edge has spoken at great length about the battle he’s faced and struggles he’s overcome to make it back to the ring after so many years thinking his career was over.

His passion for the spoken word is clearly something he spent a great deal of that time investing in, admitting he’s gone to some dark, literary places to find the inspiration needed to fuel the equally dirty deeds of his wrestling character.

He went on to say: "I try to think what aspect of a story can I latch on to here and what truths can I bring into a promo [to] really try and make this feel genuine?

"I tried to learn that in the nine years of acting; if I am playing a maniacal Viking who beheads people and puts their heads on poles, how can I relate to this guy?

"I had to find the things I related to, and the reason he tipped into this place of insanity [was that] his pregnant daughter was murdered. Okay, yeah, I can understand what a father would do in that situation!

"So then it became easy to validate all of these horrible actions – it's the same within a wrestling context, you have to find something that Adam can relate to, so that Edge can pull these things off and hopefully make it something that an audience wants to see or says 'okay, that feels different!

"Whether it's the delivery, the cadence or the intensity… sometimes when I get worked up on a promo my face goes beet red, and I'm feeling it, I'm in the zone. Those are the good ones.

"So for me, moreso than creative directions or who I am going into a storyline with – I just want to wrestle everybody, so send me in whatever direction you want there! – it's the promos.

"I want to be super hands-on with that stuff."

Catch Edge on WWE Smackdown in the UK on Friday nights, airing on BT Sport, and WrestleMania Night Two on 11 April on both BT Sport Box Office and WWE Network.

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