WWE fans hail Shane McMahon after sickening WrestleMania stunt

WWE fans took to social media to salute Shane McMahon after the veteran's role in his WrestleMania match with Braun Strowman.

McMahon, son of WWE supremo Vince, has never been a full-time wrestler but has stepped into the ring for occasional feuds over the decades.

As the years have gone on, McMahon's daredevil antics only seem to get even more extreme, his outing at Raymond James Stadium on the first of this year's two-night event proving no exception as the father-of-three took a fall of some 20 feet.

McMahon re-entered the WWE scene several weeks ago and set about a feud with the behemoth Strowman – mocking the former Universal Champion's perceived lack of intelligence.

Their Mania contest had been built up as the fan-favourite Strowman being out to get his revenge on the runt of the piece, and the 51-year-old once again played the role to the fullest.

Being cocksure at a moment when he ought to have their steel cage match won, McMahon was left to pay the price as the prone Strowman leapt to his feet, tore away part of the cage and proceeded to launch his foe from the top of it, sending him crashing down below.

That was enough to get Strowman the win and, while those in the sell-out 25,000 crowd were thrilled with his efforts, many on social media took a moment to tip their caps to McMahon and his latest stunt.

"Shane McMahon has props from me for taking the bumps he takes year after year with absolutely no reason too." Tweeted one.

Another added: "He’s on of the greatest performers, hands down. Whenever you see @shanemcmahon show up in his J’s you know you’re going to get your moneys worth [sic]"

A third said: "The lengths that @shanemcmahon goes to entertain, man, you have to appreciate that."

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