‘World’s strongest girl’ denied Ukraine title warns ‘everything will be Russia’

A Russian powerlifter and former winner of ‘World’s Strongest Girl’ has been denied a Ukrainian title.

Maryana Aleksandrovna Naumova has won four world championships, set 15 world records in her age category and holds the title of Master of Sport of Russia.

But the 23-year-old has now been denied the title of Master of Sports of Ukraine but says still "everything will be Russia".

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Naumova, who bench pressed 320lbs at the age of 15, has been traveling to the Ukrainian border to spout Russian propaganda.

Additionally, the young athlete has been outspoken about the war on social media, frequently sharing unverified claims about Putin's forces.

On January 15, she posted to her 56.5k Telegram subscribers, claiming Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy had introduced personal sanctions against her.

The 23-year-old also claimed she was deprived of the Master of Sports of Ukraine title back in 2015.

Naumova previously won the title of Master of Sports of Ukraine at the age of 11, after starting her lifting career at age 10.

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The post, which has been translated into English, reads: “I met the news about the introduction of personal sanctions against me by Vladymir Zelensky near Kremennaya, at the forefront along with BARS-13 fighters.

“We drank delicious tea with condensed milk, to the classical music of our SAUs and enemy arrivals, and spun the clown around the earth's axis.

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“PS: back in 2015, by the decision of the Powerlifting Federation of Ukraine, I was deprived of the title of Master of Sports of Ukraine. It wasn't mainstream back then. And now it worries me more than nothing.

“We will win.

“Everything will be Russia.”


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