World’s sexiest scientist panics fans after wrestling python with bare hands

Rosie Moore, named as the world’s sexiest scientist, has been left covered in blood after an encounter with a python.

Donning a high-vis jacket she stressed to her fans that she’d gone “full Florida” with her latest venture, wrangling the big snake with her bare hands.

She was left with a bleeding lip after the encounter – and assumptions about the snake biting her are easy to come by, but she says everything isn’t as it seems.

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Rather than the monster snake sinking its fangs into her face, she says the injury was acquired running into a branch as she tried to grab it – an easy mistake to make.

Taking to Instagram and looking slightly surprised by the crimson trickling down her face the video shows her holding the snake as its tail whips angrily.

She posted the video with the caption: “I’ve gone full Florida woman.

“And no, the Python did not bite me, I ran into a branch trying to get it."

“Always a good time looking for pythons with the best!” she added, before tagging her pal.

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Grabbing the snake with two hands she grins in a pained way as the person filming says: “Let us know how you’re doing, Rosie.”

She then asks, “Is that hot?” before the person filming says adds: “We’ll tell everyone that the snake bit you on the face.”

Despite the massive smile on her face as she sees the funny side to the situation, Rosie asks, “Is it bleeding a lot?”

At which point the cameraman added: “Yeah, your teeth are all red – show us your teeth, that’s actually pretty good.”

Fans have enjoyed the encounter, pouring in almost 5,000 likes at the time of writing.

One said: “Is the tree okay?”

Another added: “That's one of those injuries where you wish it was caused by something cooler. Any way glad it's fine”.

A third chipped in: “Where’s the branch I want to have a word with him”.


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