World war 3: Turkey asks for US assistance as Erdogan faces all out conflict with Syria

Two Turkish soldiers were killed in the ensuing violence between the two countries yesterday. The Turkish military said a Syrian regime jet bombed its troops in the Idlib province yesterday in northern Syria.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Turkey has tried to restore ties with Donald Trump in order to bolster their defences in the region.

The number of Turkish troops killed by the Syrian regime has now increased to 15 in the last month.

As tensions continued to escalate, Turkey launched a retaliatory strike which the military claims killed 50 of Bashar al-Assad’s forces.

As of yet, the US has not responded for the request of two Patriot missile batteries.

The request for Patriot missile defences comes as Turkey has recently bought Russian S-400 missile systems despite US warnings.

However, in an effort to team up against Russian-backed attacks on Syrian rebels, Mr Trump claimed the two countries were “seeing what can be done” to solve the crisis in the region.

Assad’s forces have attempted to reclaim parts of the Idlib province from Turkey which is on the border of the two countries.

This week Turkish Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned it is “only a matter of time” before an offensive is launched against Syrian troops in Idlib.

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Both Syria and Russia have pulled back from the demands made in the temporary month-long 2018 ceasefire, which were to retreat from Idlib.

In light of the continued assaults in the territory, Mr Erdogan issued a warning to the Assad regime.

He said: “We are entering the last days for the Syrian regime to stop its hostility in Idlib.

“We are making our final warnings.

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“We did not reach the desired results in our talks with Russia.

“The talks will continue, but it is true that we are far from meeting our demands at the table.

“Turkey has made every preparation to carry out its own operational plans.

“I say that we can come at any point.

“In other words, the Idlib offensive is only a matter of time.”

Firing back at Mr Erdogan, Russia has accused Ankara of providing cover for militants.

Russia’s defence ministry said: “Militants were supported by artillery fire from Turkish armed forces, which allowed the terrorists to break through the defence of the Syrian army.”

Despite strengthening ties with the US, Turkey caused an uproar last October after it launched an offensive against US-backed Kurdish militia.

Mr Trump as soon forced to create a “safe zone” in the region in order to stop any further Turkish advances.

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