Woman throws German Shepherd off balcony in cruel motel rampage

Shocking police bodycam footage shows a woman hurling her own dog over the railings of a first-floor motel and down onto the concrete below.

Allison Murphy, 35, was arrested at the motel in the city of Daytona Beach in Florida and was charged with animal cruelty and resisting an officer with violence.

In the clip, recorded on December 14, a woman comes rushing out of a motel room with a German shepherd on a leash while cops stand on either side of the door.

The woman suddenly lurches forwards and throws the dog over the balcony railings, while a police officer desperately tries to grab her shoulder to stop her.

He was a second too late and the poor mutt plummets towards the ground.

The woman is then pushed to the floor and arrested by police officers who cuff her hands behind her back.

Luckily, the dog escaped with minor injuries and has been renamed "Miracle" by staff at Volusia County Animal Services where she is being looked after temporarily.

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An X-ray showed the dog had a sewing needle embedded in her leg, but it has now been removed and she is going from strength to strength.

This comes after a traumatised stray dog called Eliza ended up looking unrecognisable after a single day in a loving foster home.

Visibly shaking at first, the dog calmed down in the warm home environment and soon curled up on the sofa to sleep.

She was then filmed panting happily when she woke up, looking like a totally different dog.

In a similarly heartwarming tale, a pup with a flesh-eating wound from a nasty dog bite found a loving home after months of tender loving care.

Foster carer Heather said: "She has really been remarkable with her recovery.

"Because I work at a vet, and because we had some of our brilliant vet nurses willing to come to the house in PPE, I think that was really key in her recovery."

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