Woman survives 10 hours buried alive after gruesome attack in Brazil

Police in Brazil have arrested two men after a 36-year-old woman was buried alive in a cemetery in the state of Minas Gerais. The victim, a mother of four, was beaten and taken from her house by the assailants on March 28, who buried her alive in a tomb.

She lasted 10 hours before being rescued by gravediggers who heard her cries for assistance. The two suspects, aged 20 and 22, were apprehended in the municipalities of So Geraldo and Viçosa and were allegedly planning to escape to Rio de Janeiro after committing the crime.

After misplacing drugs and firearms she was storing for them, the woman was assaulted.

The men have prior drug and weapons arrests and will be held in pre-trial detention for up to 30 days.

A third suspect is still on the loose.

Police chief Douglas Moto said: “There is still an individual who is on the run.

“We are still working incessantly to be able to locate this individual and as soon as possible make the arrest and then, leave them at the disposal of the justice.”

On March 28, the suspects broke into the woman’s home and assaulted her husband, but he managed to flee.

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They then took the lady to the cemetery and buried her.

She realised she was trapped when she recovered consciousness.

Workers at the cemetery heard her faint cries and notified the police, who rescued her with the assistance of an emergency squad.

She sustained a head injury and her finger is at risk of being amputated, according to the director of Joo Batista Hospital, where she was treated.

Slaid said: “The possibility of vascular surgery is being evaluated and perhaps amputation,

She added that the victim is in intensive care and improving but that she may undergo vascular surgery.

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