Woman stabbed with semen-filled syringe while back turned in supermarket

A man has been charged with assault after being accused of stabbing a female shopper with a semen-filled syringe.

Thomas Byron Stemen, 51, was allegedly found in possession of multiple syringes filled with the substance after the woman was stabbed in a shop.

Police were notified of the shocking case in the US state of Maryland after the female victim said she was assaulted and injected with what is believed to be a needle.

Reports found a large syringe filled with liquid in Stemen's car during a search, as well as more syringes in his home.

In video surveillance footage, the alleged attacker who is wearing grey tracksuit bottoms and a dark jacket can be seen walking in after the victim.

As she puts her shopping trolley back, he then bumps into her and there is a visible exchange where the woman is clearly distressed.

The traumatised woman later told investigators she had been stabbed with a needle and was forced to undergo urine and blood tests, as well as a 30-day course of anti-disease medication.

Stemen is also accused of attempting to inject two other women at the same Anne Arundel Country grocery store.

He has been charged with 1st, and 2nd Degree Assault and Reckless Endangerment and is being held without bond since his arrest.

Detectives believe there may be other victims of similar incidents and have urged people to report any suspicious incidents.

The surveillance footage was posted on Facebook by Anne Arundel Country police department and has over 243,000 views.

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