Woman smashes ‘wine glass on Miss England finalist’s face’ in pub row

A woman smashed a wine glass into a Miss England finalist’s face after grabbing her by the throat, a court was told.

China Gold, 27, launched into a foul-mouthed tirade against Olivia Cooke, 21, before the alleged attack took place at The Farm House pub in West Malling, Kent, it is claimed.

Ms Cooke was taken to hospital where she received treatment – including five stitches for the cuts on her face.

The alleged incident occurred on October 19, 2018, where Ms Cooke met with a group of pals at the pub – including Gold who she knew through a mutual friend.

Ms Cooke, who is now a professional golfer, told Maidstone Crown Court: "At 11 o'clock we all went inside for last orders.

"I literally just walked inside with my friend and that is the point when it all started."

"[She] just calling me a s**t and a s**g and all this, and I am definitely not.

"I just tried to stick up for myself at that point, it all got a bit too much."

She told the court she went out with a friend, when Gold followed her outside and confronted her.

Ms Cooke said: "That is when, out of nowhere, she has grabbed me by the throat."

She added that Gold hit her twice with the wine glass "one to break the glass and the second one to cause injury".

Prosecutor Emin Kandola said: "The two open wounds over her eye were bleeding significantly in the aftermath of the incident."

Gold, from Ditton, Kent, has no history of violence.

Defence lawyer Robbin Griffiths suggested Ms Cooke confronted Gold.

He said: "And then China turned to walk away, but you weren't prepared to let it go, you went after her."

To which Ms Cooke replied: "I did not."

Maidstone Crown Court heard that Gold had previously claimed she used the item as a weapon, but in retaliation after Ms Cooke threw a bottle of drink at her.

Jurors were told that Olivia Cooke faces a charge of assault against Gold in relation to throwing a glass at her.

Gold denies a charge of unlawful wounding.

The trial continues.

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