Woman in tears after being left with ‘fried’ hair when dye job goes wrong

A TikTok user was so distressed about a hair salon disaster she could barely bring herself to make a video about it.

Jackie, who posts to the video-sharing site under the name @itsjayonce222, opened with the question: "What's the worst thing a salon has ever done to you?" before telling her tale of woe.

She explains that she wanted to get her hair dyed a shade or two blonder for the summer.

But unfortunately, things didn’t quite go according to plan.

She showed her followers the before picture, showing how her hair looked before the salon nightmare, saying: "So this is how I started out, super cute… overall I think it was pretty cute, I really, really liked it, just wanted to go lighter for summer."

Then, Jackie shared a photo of a model with an ash-blonde 'do that she had shown to the stylist, to demonstrate the kind of colour that she was hoping for.

But even then, she struggled with her emotions: "Just a little bit lighter… sorry if my voice is cracking, but I'm literally starting to cry thinking about this."

Getting herself under control, she finally managed to explain: "This is the picture that I showed her, kind of blondish, cute for summer."

And then, the reveal. Almost in tears, Jackie showed a photo of the back of her head as it is now, dull and brittle, with frizzy split ends.

"That's how I left, that's how I walked out of the salon," she sobbed.

One horrified viewer commented: "OMG she fried your hair!"

Others offered sensible advice about doing a strand test before you start dying your hair, to check that there will be no adverse reactions but that’s not much use to Jackie now the damage is done.

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Someone else commented that the "after" image was woven worse than she expected and added: "I hope you didn't have to pay for that."

Celebrity hairdresser Neil Moodie, UK ambassador for natural haircare brand Biolage, told the Daily Star that it looked to him as if the salon had used bleach to lighten Jackie's locks.

However, he said, they may have they have left the bleach on too long and not considered the condition or previous colours of the client's hair and it looked as if "the ends have broken off due to over-processing".

Neil explained: "Her hair was 3 different colours before, dark roots, reddish middle and blonde mid-length to ends, so she already had a few processes going on and each section should have been treated individually, rather than as one which is what looks like happened. "

He added: "I would say whoever coloured her hair wasn't experienced enough to understand what was possible on her hair when she walked in and should probably have recommended to take it lighter gradually over a period of a few weeks to achieve the colour she was after, keep the hair in good condition, and for it to stay on her head!"

Sounding a note of caution, Neil warned: "A lot of the public don't realise that it's not always possible to take hair colour from one colour to another just by putting another colour on top of the previous one, however, it is totally down to an experienced colourist to advise them this instead of having this happen."

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