Woman in debt surprised to find £475 stuffed in KFC – but gives it back

A woman received a a stunning surprise when she found a sizable amount of cash in her KFC takeaway bag when ordering a chicken sandwich at the drive-through.

JoAnne Oliver discovered $543 (£475) alongside her chicken sandwich which she had bought during her lunch break.

JoAnne, who hails from Jackson, Georgia, USA, was making the short stop to the KFC drive-through before heading back to work nearly £500 richer.

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She discovered the stack of money under her sandwich when she returned to the office to begin eating her lunch.

The grandmother knew she couldn't keep the extra cash, despite being in massive financial debt, and made the decision to call the authorities.

She told WSB-TV: “I started counting it and when I got to $500, I stopped and just put it back in the envelope, closed the envelope put the sandwich back the way I got it and just slid it to the side until the officer got here.”

Although she made the decision to call the police, JoAnne joked that the temptation to go shopping was present while her fuel tank was nearly empty at the time.

She said: “For a second. We thought about going shopping. I said I should have kept a 20 because I’m sitting on E.

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“If you don’t do the right thing it’s gonna come back on you, I mean It wasn’t mine. I didn’t need to keep it. I’ll get mine in the future. It’ll come back two-fold.”

Following an investigation, Jackson Police said that KFC's daily deposit had accidentally been placed in JoAnne's bag.

The police force thank JoAnne in a Facebook post saying: “Not only did Mrs Oliver do the right thing but she saved the manager’s job.

“Mrs Oliver thank you for reminding us that we have amazing citizens in Jackson and it is people like you that make us great!”


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