Woman buys cake for stranger’s daughter and leaves heartbreaking note why

A mother was handed a heartbreaking anonymous note when she went to pick up her daughter's birthday cake.

Supermarket staff told Holly Grimet another woman had already picked up her tab and left a handwritten letter.

Mum-of-two Holly, from Texas, US, said she was left in tears as she shared a photo of the message on Facebook.

According to her post, the woman had recently lost her eight-year-old son and that day was due to be his eighth birthday.

It read: "My son Nehemiah would be 8 years old today. I want to remember my son by doing good to others.

“I hope you enjoy your child’s cake and I hope your day is special.

“Hold your baby a little tighter today, watch them as they play, be patient with them, kiss their sweet little hand and tell them how much you love them.

“Our children are such beautiful gifts! I hope your day is beautiful. Much love from me and my angel in heaven to your family.”

Holly explained she had visited a supermarket near her home to pick up a cake and some cupcakes she had ordered for her daughter’s birthday party.

But she was told by staff another woman had already picked up the tab last Saturday.

She said: “I said, ‘Oh really, did she know me?’

"[The employee] said, ‘No, but she left a note and we’ve all read it … You may not want to read it in here, you will cry.”

The mum said reading it left her a “crying mess” and revealed that she has a “new perspective”.

She said: “I didn’t want to throw a birthday party because there are so many expectations as a mum to have everything perfect and spend so much money, and celebrating the child gets lost in everything.

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“I reluctantly gave in and threw a last-minute party, and I was given a life lesson.”

Holly has appealed for Nehemiah's mum to get in touch so she can thank her.

She said: “I just want to hug Nehemiah’s mum, who still has remained a mystery.

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“I’m just thankful I still have my little girl Eva to hug a little longer tonight in honour of Nehemiah and his mum.”

Commenting on her post, a woman wrote: “So sad, but a great tribute to her son. God bless this family."

Another said: “I’m bawling like a baby. Prayers for that sweet woman and she couldn’t have picked a better family to bless.”

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