Woman, 25 weeps as she’s jailed for vile racist outburst at Wetherspoons bouncer

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A woman filmed racially abusing and spitting at a bouncer burst into tears as a judge ruled she must serve time behind bars.

Vile footage of Sharna Walker, then 24, shows her hit out at a doorman who had just thrown her and her friends out of a bar on Birmingham's Broad Street for being "rowdy".

The video which went viral over social media records the Worcester native pushing a bouncer before calling him a "f****** n*****" and spitting at him.

Walker had previously admitted racially aggravated assault and criminal damage after the incident at Figure of Eight, which is owned by Wetherspoons, BirminghamLive reports.

She was today sentenced to 14 weeks imprisonment at Birmingham Magistrates' Court. The 25-year-old burst into tears as guards cuffed her.

Walker was also ordered to pay £500 compensation to the doorman, Tristan Price, and was banned from the Figure of Eight for two years unless landlord JD Wetherspoon gives her permission to attend.

District Judge John Bristow concluded she was a "risk to the public" and the appropriate punishment could only be achieved by immediate custody.

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He said: "This truly shocking language has no place in the UK and any right-thinking member of the community would be utterly repelled by it."

Prosecutor Sarah Woulfe said around 9.30pm a group of four females, of which Walker was one, was asked to leave by door supervisor Tristan Price for being "rowdy".

But when he helped one of them look for a lost phone Walker took a sip of her drink and spat it at his back.

She was once again asked to leave but pushed over tables and furniture on the way before pulling the front door so hard it caused the glass to shatter.

Then outside the venue, Walker repeated racial slurs at Mr Price. She also insulted him and his colleagues with a term offensive to disabled people.

The doorman stepped back inside the bar but Walker pushed the front door against his shoulder causing him to stumble back and aggravate an Achilles injury.

Ms Woulfe, reading an impact statement, said the incident had "stayed longer" with Mr Price than being threatened with a knife or dealing with other drunken behaviour during his time on the job.

She told the court he had also seen a support worker.

The prosecutor added Mr Price, a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, uploaded footage of the incident to Instagram to raise awareness "this abuse still happens".

She stated he did not realise the level of attention it would get and later withdrew his support for the prosecution case because he did not want Walker to be further impacted by the widespread outrage.

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