Winnipeg police warn of scam that cost Manitobans over $1M in 2019

Winnipeg police are warning people about a scam that’s been the most successful at taking money away from Manitobans and growing in popularity.

It’s called the bank investigator scam and it’s lost Manitobans over $1 million in 2019 alone.

How it works is the fraudster will contact a victim on the phone and tell them there has been a suspicious transaction on their bank account or credit card.

They instruct the victim to phone a toll-free number on the back of their payment card for further details.

When the victim hangs up and starts dialing, the fraudster, having not hung up, begins posing as a bank investigator.

The fraudster will convince the victim to remove money from their account and send it to them in a variety of ways including cryptocurrencies, wire transfers or even through the mail.

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