William won’t forgive Harry’s ‘despicable attack’ on Kate, says GB News host

Prince William is unlikely to ever "forgive and forget" the attacks made on his wife Kate by Prince Harry and Meghan, according to GB News host Dan Wootton.

The New Zealand-born TV presenter reckons the Duke of Sussex has crossed his brother's "red line" with the "completely despicable" accusations he has levelled at the Princess of Wales, reports The Express.

No official comment on the explosive allegations, made in Harry's book Spare, has been made yet by William, Kate or on behalf of the Royal Family but Wootton has declared: "William ain't going to forgive and forget. His red line, by the way, was not the personal attacks on him, it was the attacks on Kate, his wife.

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"He found that completely despicable when Meghan went on international television and claimed that Kate had made her cry. We've then seen more attacks on Kate in the Netflix documentary.

"But this book… William is presented as the villain of the piece. Harry has to know there are now permanent ramifications for his relationship with William.

"William is going to be king one day and Harry has now tried to present him to the world, he says for historical purposes, as a violent, angry, insensitive bully. If you speak to people who are friends with William, that is not how they characterise the guy. I would say Harry drove him to frustration time and again."

In Spare, the Duke of Sussex revealed that Meghan received a frosty response from the Princess of Wales after suggesting she had "baby brain" during a conversation on the timings of the Sussexes' wedding day rehearsal.

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Harry claimed the Princess of Wales insisted "we are not close enough for you to talk about my hormones" as she demanded an apology from his future wife.

Kate gave birth to her youngest son, Prince Louis, 27 days before her in-laws' wedding.

The Duke of Sussex detailed how Meghan had appeared perplexed at Kate taking offence at her comment, noting she had spoken to her as she would with her friends.

He wrote: "Meg’s eyes got wide too. She looked genuinely confused. 'I’m sorry I talked about your hormones. That’s just how I talk with my girlfriends.'"


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