Why are my eyes so red and itchy? Signs you should see a doctor

Your eyes can become red and itchy at a moment’s notice, interrupting a crucial moment like the home-stretch in a long drive or an important presentation.

If this only happens sporadically, according to Dr. Kristen North, it’s probably nothing for you to worry about. She’s a policy and research consultant for the Canadian Association of Optometrists.

“If the symptoms are fleeting, then I would consider it a normal reaction to daily life,” she said. “If it lasts longer or is recurrent, then (it could be) more severe.”

Allergies are the most common cause of eyes that are both red and itchy, but the reaction can also be caused by irritants in your environment.

“Think smoke or getting an eyelash in your eye,” said North.

However, there are instances when red, itchy eyes can indicate something more problematic — perhaps even a problem that requires medical attention.

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