‘We’ve not responded in any kind of robust manner’ Putin critic slams West’s approach

Putin 'wasn't expecting' financial response to Ukraine says expert

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Bill Browder spoke exclusively to Express.com about the financial sanctions imposed on Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. The American-British financier discussed various atrocities that Russia had committed. Mr Browder claimed the sanctions imposed on Putin after he took Crimea in 2014, were superficial. Western Government’s have been imposing strict financial sanctions on the Russian economy, and Russian gas and oil.

Mr Browder said: “I think that Putin wasn’t expecting that we would have done any financial sanctions.

“Because for the last 22 years, whenever he’s committed an atrocity and he has committed many, we’ve not responded in any kind of robust manner.

“We didn’t do anything when he invaded Georgia, we put the most superficial sanctions on him after Crimea.

“Nothing after the downing of MH17, and nothing after the bombings of civilians in Syria.

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Mr Browder added: “Nothing after Skripal in Salisbury, and so he was operating under the assumption that we would continue to do nothing.

“Had we acted in any of those situations more robustly, he would have probably done a different calculation, as to if and how he invaded Ukraine.”

Western Government have been imposing sanctions on Russian oil and gas in order to financially impact President Putin.

Some Western Government official believe that more can be done, to stop the Russia onslaught.

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Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has been asking for Western countries to completely cut off from Russian oil.

Ahead of talks with European Union leaders, Mr Zelenzky blasted: “Why are you dependent on Russia, on their pressure, and not vice-versa? Russia must be dependent on you.

“Why can Russia still earn almost a billion euros a day by selling energy?

“Why are terrorist banks still working with Europe and the global financial system? Serious questions.”

Announcing the financial sanctions, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said: “Putin’s war on Ukraine is based on a torrent of lies.

“Britain has helped lead the world in exposing Kremlin disinformation, and this latest batch of sanctions hits the shameless propagandists who push out Putin’s fake news and narratives.

We will keep on going with more sanctions to ramp up the pressure on Russia and ensure Putin loses in Ukraine. Nothing and no one is off the table.”

Uttering a similar sentiment, Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries said: “Putin’s propaganda machine has been working overdrive to spread misinformation and distract from his barbaric actions in Ukraine.

“These sanctions will target those who are complicit in covering up the Russian state’s actions.

“We will not hesitate to act further against individuals and organisations attempting to deceive people about this misguided war.”

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