Weekly survey: What artists did you grow out of?

At some point when we’re young, we discover the glories of music and latch on to an artist or two with much ferocity. I, for, example, went through a KISS phase when I believed that they were the only rock band in the world that ever (and ever would) matter.

I had all the records (even the four solo albums that were released simultaneously and the 7-inch single for “Beth,” which, looking back, were low points), the posters, the patches, and the KISS Army membership. The back of my school notebooks were filled with KISS logo doodles.

But after a while, though, I grew out of them. The deeper I got into music, the more I realized that there was much more to explore. And it was better stuff, too.

It’s part of the natural cycle of becoming a music fan. So here’s the question for the week: Which artists did you grow out of?

And you need not just focus on your elementary or high school years. Perhaps you were REALLY into a particular artist whilst in university or college before realizing that you were headed in the wrong direction.

No judgement here. Just curious. ‘Fess up.

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