We are here! ISIS jihadis post pictures from around Europe in sick terror support stunt


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As jihadi fans prepared for an ‘important announcement’ from daesh’s propaganda arm on Saturday, they posted cryptic images on Instagram, showing a message supporting ISIS, and part of where they live.

Each scrap of paper was dated for today and named the country the person holding it was in.

Shockingly, images appeared in Italy, France, Sweden, Germany, Holland and other countries including Canada, Malaysia and Iran.

Pictures showed European streets, hills and back gardens with some even posing the snaps in front of bank cards and shopping centres to ‘prove’ their whereabouts.



Worryingly some claimed to be in Paris and Belgium where terror attacks have taken place.

Twitter users branded them ‘idiots’, stating their posts could lead to their arrests.

Users called on authorities to use geolocating technology which can find the location of a computer or object connected to the internet.

The fight against ISIS

The battle against ISIS militants (also abbreviated as Daesh, ISIL, IS and Islamic State) continues in the Middle East.

Forces battle against ISIS




Al-Furqan released a 31 minute video which many expected them to use to take credit for an attack on the Egypt Air place from Paris to Cairo which killed 66, this week.

But Arabic news channels have said the crash was not mentioned.

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