Wannabe rapper ‘had £420k spending spree’ as couple put wrong bank details in

A wannabe rapper who woke up with $750,000 (£420,000) in his bank account after a young couple made a mistake transferring the money used the cash to go on an outrageous spending spree before writing a rhyme about it, a court heard.

Abdel Ghadia left the distraught couple in despair when he used their hard-earned money to buy a gold bullion and cosmetics after they entered the wrong number on a bank transfer payment for a house in mid-2021.

The 24-year-old performer, who is known as Slimmy on YouTube, pleaded guilty to two charges in Sydney's Burwood Local Court.

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When cops first asked him if he had spent the money, he told them: “No, cuz” – but later admitted to splashing the cash in a frenzied spree, according to Australian news outlet the Advocate.

The aspiring rapper also told police officers he “just woke up and saw the money” before the spree, the court was told.

He spent an eye-watering $600,000 (£340,000) on a gold bullion at one store in Sydney, plus more than $110,000 (£62,000) at a separate Brisbane store, where he also bought expensive coins.

In a brazen post on Instagram, Ghadia alluded to his behaviour with the lyrics: “Detectives making offers asking where'd the money go.

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“They tapping all my phonecalls but I speak a different lingo!”

Ghadia is also accused of buying clothes and foreign exchange with the cash originally destined for a Commonwealth Bank account the couple had intended to deposit the funds into.

He is now awaiting a sentence on December 2 this year and is currently under strict bail conditions which mean he isn’t allowed out between the hours of 10pm and 7am and can’t get too close to an international airport.

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