Vladimir Putin with ‘back against the wall’ as military threatens revolt over army failure

Putin has his 'back against the wall' says Lord Robathan

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Lord Robathan claimed Russian President Vladimir Putin was likely to be getting weaker the more the war in Ukraine progresses. The Conservative Politician argued that it was Putin’s generals going all of the hard work, and could soon realise they will likely be blamed if more troops are lost. Over eight of Putin’s military generals have died fighting so far, and the war has not even hit the one-month mark.

Lord Robathan also discussed how Russian troops feel about going to war with Russian servicemen returning from the war with injuries, and what they’ll be telling their families.

The Conservative peer told talkRADIO: “He needs an escape route, my own view is that his position in Moscow… Lool I’m not a Russian expert.

“My own view is his position must be getting weaker, not least because of the generals around him.

“The generals that are doing the work, realise they will be blamed and people with their back against the wall tend to lash out and blame.

“And if they’re blamed they’re not going to enjoy that.”


Ms Hartley-Brewer said: “They may not survive that… Knowing Vladimir Putin.”

Lord Robathan said: “But, they also have all the authority and power.

“Now he has a huge security apparatus around him, but I wonder indeed if members of his security guards are not also hearing from their mother and their brothers and their sisters and people.

“That says well actually things are going badly wrong here, especially when your cousin has come back from Ukraine with life-changing injuries.”

Ukraine forces appear to blast Russian equipment

Even soldiers sent to fight Ukrainians are joining their team and denouncing Putin.

Belarusian media outlet Nexta tweeted a video of Belarusian troops sent to fight Ukrainians, turning on Russia and fighting against them.

The Belarusian troop said: “For three weeks already, the whole of Ukraine is fighting the Russian invaders.

“The most difficult situation is near Mariupol, which is surrounded. Russia is conducting a true genocide there.

“They want to wipe Mariupol from the face of the Earth. Mariupol must be de-blockaded.

“We will provide support to all residents of Mariupol and will be trying to help Ukraine to de-blockade Mariupol.

“Mariupol is a Ukrainian city and it will remain so.”

A Belarusian troop says: “The Belarusian Volunteer Battalion named after Kastus Kalinovsky will come to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine in breaking the blockade of Mariupol

“Many Belarusians are fighting on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the flow of volunteers does not stop growing.”

It has been reported by Western officials that over eight Russian Generals have been killed in Ukraine so far, and it’s been less than a month since the invasion began.

Western officials also believe that Russia has made key failures in planning the invasion, and that shows by Russia putting top-ranking military officers on the front line. 

One  Western official said: “We think that one of the reasons why a number of generals appear to have been killed is because things are going badly they have to go closer to the front to guide their troops – let’s use that word – in operation.

“They need to provide more close up supervision and therefore going further forward and therefore becoming vulnerable to enemy action.”

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