Vladimir Putin plans mass Russian evacuation if dictator is defeated in Ukraine

Russian president Vladimir Putin is said to have a backup evacuation plan for Russian pals just in case the despot is defeated in his Ukrainian invasion.

Dictator Putin is attempting to make preparations to flee Russia should his war in Ukraine fail, reports from inside the Kremlin claim.

Reports of the potential evacuation plan for the Russian president come as he is "aware of the possibility of a sharp change of mood in the country."

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A change in mood for Russian nationals could come soon as Ukrainian forces begin to re-capture Kherson while the Russian economy receives a further blow and shifts closer to crumbling.

The General SVR Telegram channel recently reported the 69-year-old had suffered "severe nausea" overnight and that doctors had been by his bedside for three hours.

A follow-up report has claimed that "Putin himself and his entourage are preparing plans for evacuation from Russia."

Alleged evacuation plans would mean dictator Putin and his family were carried out of Russia and into Syria, the nearest friendly state, but would mean flying through the airspace of NATO member Turkey.

Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad had been bailed out by Putin back in 2015, when Russian military personnel intervened in the Syrian civil war.

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Should Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan refuse Putin's flight access to the airspace, he would effectively scupper the entire evacuation for the Russian despot and his cronies.

Further reports from the Telegram channel read that it could be beneficial for both Syria and Turkey to have the Russian president in isolation.

One message read: "In principle, it is beneficial for Iran and Turkey to keep the Russian president in exile in reserve, using him, depending on the situation, as a lever or as a bargaining chip."

Iran is another country that could be interested in the fate of Putin, with President Ebrahim Raisi and Turkish leader Erdogan allegedly discussing what they would do should Putin require asylum, Daily Mail reported.


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