Violent squirrel leaves town ‘afraid to leave their homes’ after bloody attacks

Terrified residents are "breathing a sigh of relief" after a rogue squirrel with "strong jaws" was captured after pouncing on them in a string of bloody attacks.

The vicious squirrel, which has been compared to the evil character "Stripe" from the Gremlins film, had savagely injured 18 locals living in Buckley, Wales.

They said the wild animal had terrorised the town so much that people were too scared to leave their homes in case it was waiting for them.

In one incident, the large rodent launched an attack on a care worker and her daughter before they got to exchange gifts on Christmas Eve.

Jane Harry, 55, said she witnessed the squirrel jump up and bite her daughter Chloe, 29, in the neck and hands before it bite her three times.

"The bite drew blood and I started [ to panic]. He then ran at me," she said.

"It was really bizarre. Our Christmas Eve was spent in hospital receiving tetanus jabs.

"I was shocked over to Christmas to learn that so many other people had been attacked too."

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Fed up locals decided to get together to raise over £100 so the squirrel could be taken away by a vet after resident Corine managed to capture it in a cage in her back garden.

On Tuesday, Corine said the "RSPCA turned up out of the blue" when she was getting ready to take the squirrel to the vets.

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"The handover was frightful. I had to transfer the squirrel from the cage to the RSPCA in my bathroom – we couldn't risk it escaping outdoors again," she commented.

"He didn't say what they were going to do with it – whether they are going to investigate or put it to sleep."

The woman went on: "He did say with incidents like these, there could be an underlying issue – I suspected a tumour or growth which may have affected his brain."

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She added: "It has been quite a scary time for the area.

"I did feel incredibly harsh doing what I did, by putting it in a cage, but when people didn't feel safe in their garden, I had to do it.

"We were not safe. But it is all over now, thank God."

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