Village bans festivals after gig-goers have sex and defecate in public

An idyllic village banned festivals after residents complained gig-goers were having sex in their cars and pooing in villagers' gardens.

Locals described the rough conditions as "living through a nightmare", Herts Live reported.

One World Festival Group Ltd applied to hold more events at Colesdale Farm in Northaw, which would've meant another dozen events taking place between April and October just 200m away from people's homes.

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council was not convinced.

It said there were "many reasons" to snub the plans, listing residents' concerns about further anti-social behaviour.

That included festivalgoers having sex in car parks and vehicles in plain sight.

Locals also complained of visitors defecating in locals' private gardens, drug use in public spaces and even a car being driven into a crowd.

Watchdog Environmental Health added the plans would leave residents with up to 24 affected weekends each year.

Hertfordshire Constabulary objected on anti-social behaviour grounds, noting the likelihood of yet more incidents involving drug use and disorder.

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Parish councillor Bob Stubbs said the plans would cause total "chaos next summer" if they were allowed to go ahead.

He said residents "lived through a nightmare" this summer.

Cllr Stubbs added: “The issues that we've experienced are; people urinating in front gardens, defecating in front gardens, vomiting in front gardens, littering all over the place, people having sex in public car parks.

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“These issues are not to do with the quality of the operator, it’s to do with the profile of the people attending the events.

"As soon as you get mass crowds of youngsters in an area which they don't know very well, you're going to have all these problems.”

Councillors voted unanimously against the plan.

One World Festival Group director James Hoffelner said he'd run a nightclub for over 10 years and wanted to give the area something to be "proud of".

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