Vigilante ‘Stockton Batman’ claims to have captured double-murder suspect

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A self-styled “superhero” who has been fighting petty crime in the Californian town of Stockton for the past few years claims to have captured a killer

The vigilante, who declines to give his own name but hopes by the aliases “Bruce Wayne” and “The Stockton Batman,” made a citizen’s arrest when he saw a man answering the description of man wanted for two murders.

Details are sketchy when it comes to the exact nature of the arrest, but certainly 29-year-old Randall Allenbaugh is now in police custody in connection with the deaths of 17-year-old Skyler McConnell and 16-year-old Chimera Skaggs who were both found stabbed to death in Lodi, California, last week, LadBible reports.

“Bruce Wayne” claims to have spotted the suspect, who showed signs of having been in a knife fight, and detained him before handing him over to the police.

The authorities are keeping quiet about the would-be hero’s involvement:“Police are not commenting on the man's claims,” said a reporter from CBS Sacramento.

“They haven't even let us know or confirmed how many people died. The man who calls himself Stockton's 'Batman' claims in a social media post the two victims were stabbed”.

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This appears to have been the crimefighter’s first murder arrest, but reports going back to at least 2018 detail the anonymous father of two’s war on California’s criminal fraternity.

The local businessman’s wife often accompanies him on his patrols, documenting his exploits on video.

In Stockton, reactions to the real-life superhero are mixed.

Certainly the people he handcuffs and hands over to the law are unimpressed.

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One told him he was “going to get sued” and demanded to know where he had obtained his handcuffs. The crimefighter said he was in no danger of legal action, and explained that it’s easy to buy handcuffs online.

But a member of the public told CBS they were grateful for the vigilante’s work: “He is doing us a very good service. He’s, you know, catching them when the police aren’t there. ”

“Bruce Wayne” says he just wants things to be the was they were when he was a kid. “I grew up in Stockton and things weren’t always so bad when was child,” he said, adding “I am the real Batman.”

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