Victoria’s Secret worker touches ‘biggest poop’ by customer in changing rooms

A Victoria's Secret employee quit her job after accidentally grabbing a human turd as she picked up sports bras from the floor of a dressing room.

The poop had been left by customer with TikToker Rachel reliving the moment as part of the social media video platform's viral "One Thing About Me" trend, which is seeing users share unique stories about themselves.

Rachel's video has been viewed more than 3.3million times and she starts it by describing how she had been working for the lingerie retailer for three years before she endured her "crappiest" day with the company.

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She then pointed out that it happened on a Saturday when the store was busy.

Having shown the customer to the fitting room, she returned after she saw her leaving, knowing that she had left the items of clothing in there and they would need clearing up.

"The sports bras are all over the floor," she said. "I bend down to grab one, but I end up touching something else. It ended up being the biggest piece of poop I had ever seen and I had just touched it with my hands."

She went on to clean up the stool after informing her manager and then returned to the sales floor, while the offending pooper left the shop without any reprimand.

A second video posted by Rachel goes on to show a picture of the faeces.

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She goes on to explain that her stinking experience was not the main reason that she handed in her notice at Victoria's Secret, but that it was "the straw that broke the camel’s back".

Rachel also still insists Victoria's Secret is a great company to work for and that she really left to take up a tech internship.

Judging by the comments on Rachel's video, she is not the only Victoria's Secret employee who has had to deal with a defecating customer.

"I worked at VS too and THAT SAME THING HAPPENED AT MY STORE," one commented.

Another added: "Absolutely had this happen to me more times than I wish."


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