Vancouver police report wave of bogus calls with recording of woman in apparent distress

It’s not quite a phone scam, but Vancouver police are alerting the public about a series of disturbing telephone calls.

The VPD says it has been notified at least six times in the last week by people who got a call from an African area code.

When they picked up, they heard a recording of a woman in distress, police said.

Police spoke out on the incidents in response to a social media post from a woman on Twitter who described the unsettling call.

“Just received the most terrible scam prank call from a +44# of a woman screaming/ sobbing as if being attacked & “responded” to me & when I asked who it was, said “it’s me!!” wrote Twitter user @BackstageRider

While the calls appear to be bogus and blanketing the region, police are asking the public to always err on the side of caution and call 911 if they think someone might be in danger.

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