Unsettled conditions for Brits as sunshine and showers continue

BBC Weather: UK set for ‘persistent rain’

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According to the Met Office, fog patches will clear with warm sunny spells possible for some. However it will be cloudy in the far west with some rain moving northeastwards across Northern Ireland.

This will reach Scotland, Wales and northern England later during the day.

The shift in the temperature comes after a week of heavy rainfall across the UK.

BBC weather forecaster Darren Bett said: “This weekend we should see spells of sunshine and it should be turning much drier as well but this very wet theme that we have had all week continued at the end of the week with lots of heavy and thundery showers across England and Wales.

“It has been so wet because we have had low pressure sitting close to us but that is finally beginning to pull away towards the east taking away those heavier showers.”

According to Netweather.tv, there will be plenty of cloud around on Sunday, but there will be some sunny periods, particularly for the east of Britain.

Netweather.tv forecaster Ian Simpson said: “Rain will spread through Northern Ireland during the day, and during late afternoon and evening it will spread through Scotland and northern England and also north Wales.

“Some of this rain will be heavy, particularly to the west of high ground.

“It will be a warmer day generally except in western Scotland and in Northern Ireland, where under the cloud and rain temperatures will only reach around 16C.

“For most central and southern parts of England, highs of 21 to 23C will be typical.”

According to Mr Simpson, Monday will be a dull wet day in northern England and the Midlands and north Wales, due to a slow-moving frontal system.

He added: “It will be much brighter in Scotland and Northern Ireland, with showers mainly confined to northern Scotland.

“It will be quite cloudy but very warm in central and southern England and in south Wales, with highs of 23 to 25C in the south.

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“The brighter weather in the north will be associated with a cooler air mass, and so even though these areas will have the most sunshine, they will only see highs of 16 to 18C.”

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