Unlucky bloke slapped with jaw-dropping £20,000 bill after losing phone abroad

A desperately unlucky man who lost his phone on holiday has been slapped with a £20,000 charge as a result.

The unnamed tourist was enjoying a peaceful time away when he noticed that his phone was missing, but rather than buying a replacement, he's been told to fork out thousands on a bill racked up.

Sharing a snap of his phone bill in a post on Reddit, he explained that he believed a thief used it to their heart's content which has left him to pay the price.

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Despite having a credit limit of £25, whoever made off with his device managed to drum up his expenses to the jaw-dropping sum of £20,973.06, thanks to chatting away carelessly on calls.

Having shared his despair on Reddit, advice flooded in for the poor bloke who insisted he'll be able to have the charge wiped after explaining to his phone company, LadBible reports.

One user commented: "Worked for a mobile network for 13 years. You won’t have to pay it. Just keep on at them. I’ve dealt with this many times.

"Be persistent. Go into store and ask for manager and get them to call their retail support from their end. Don’t take no for an answer. It will get wiped.

"Dealt with this A LOT. And more common than you think. Never known anyone who has had to pay it."

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A second said it's not his responsibility to pay for charges he had no control over or didn't authorise.

Further advice was to go straight through to the network's customer support team and to contact the communication ombudsman to get free support.

According to O2's website, a phone must be reported as stolen as soon as possible and they will then be able to block the sim card.

It says: "Once you report your phone lost or stolen we'll block the sim. You must report a theft or lost phone immediately, as you're responsible for the cost of any calls, texts and data transfers made until it's blocked."

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