Unique dance performance hits the stage at Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre

Blending dance, martial arts, theatre and ideologies, Epilogos challenges the audience to open their mind.

“There’s this really interesting dichotomy between morality being inherently positive but that those codes or systems are also ways to push others down and create a sense of power,” said Shay Kuebler with Radical System Art.

The dancers are exploring the Five Canons of Rhetoric, The Art of Persuasion, The Seven Values of Bushido and the Honor Code of the Samurai through contemporary dance.

“In the section called Courage, we are on a battlefield,” said Calder White, a company dancer.

“It’s not clear necessarily who is fighting who and sometimes this enemy is coming from within the group and most of the time it’s external.”

Epilogos will be performed at the Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre Saturday, Feb. 22.

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