Ukraine worry at Putin’s ‘unknown structure’ at nuclear power plant

Ukrainian forces have been left worried by a mystery building at a nuclear power plant controlled by Vladimir Putin's troops.

The Russian despot's men appear to be building an "unknown structure" at Europe's largest nuclear power plant, which has caused plenty of concern for Ukrainian troops.

The State Inspectorate for Nuclear Regulation of Ukraine noted the building of the structure from Russian troops, who are said to be building something unknown at the site of the occupied Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine.

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Russian forces working away on the structure are, according to said State Inspectorate, in "violation" of Ukrainian requirements around "nuclear and radiation safety."

Despite that, the mystery structure build is ongoing and marks an unauthorised build in occupied Ukraine from invading Russian troops.

Prohibited works were reported by the State Inspectorate, who said that the construction, installation and commissioning of works in the area violated Ukrainian law.

Said scope comes under modernisation or reconstruction, which is outlawed by current rulings that see a breach of the "requirements of Ukrainian legislation, norms, rules and standards of nuclear and radiation safety," the Inspectorate stated.

Occupying Russian forces were also refusing access to power plant personnel to the sight of the construction, Newsweek reported.

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News of the construction comes as a Russian spokesman declared the UK was responsible for the "sabotage" of the Nord stream pipeline which was blown up in September of this year.

Daily Star reported that Kremlin mouthpiece Dmitry Peskov blamed the UK for the explosion, and also denounced an "unacceptable silence" from the European Union over the attack.

Peskov claimed his insiders have "data indicating that British military specialists were directing and coordinating the attack."

His claims have since been denounced by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, with a spokesperson for the UK Prime Minister declaring Peskov's comments "distractions which are part of the Russian playbook."

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