Ukraine navy pulverises tranche of Russia military equipment

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Ammunition and artillery stores have become significant targets in the ongoing “special military operation” in recent weeks. Russia’s most recent loss will come as a particular blow given reports of depleting stocks.

It took less than a month after Vladimir Putin’s announcement of engagement in Ukraine for military analysts to draw attention to the rapid rate of ammunition and artillery consumption.

An expert writing in the Royal United Services Institute commented in June that this “has proven that the age of industrial warfare is still here”.

He, Alex Vershinin, noted: “The massive consumption of equipment, vehicles and ammunition requires a large-scale industrial base for resupply.”

There is, however, a large question mark over the extent to which this can be achieved in Russia.

Kyiv has this week celebrated a recent strike which is understood to have seen more Russian equipment laid to waste.

Its naval forces destroyed Russian equipment in Donetsk, Kherson oblasts, according to The Kyiv Independent.

The paper reported: “The Ukrainian Naval Forces reported that it destroyed five Russian howitzers, two tanks, an artillery system, two multiple launch rocket systems and a radar station on September 7.”

This comes after military economist Marcus Keupp told German broadcaster NTV that it has long been assumed Moscow could draw on huge stocks of military equipment in the ongoing conflict.

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But, “if we look at what is actually operational, the numbers look much smaller”.

Mr Keupp added: “In a year at the latest, the Russian army will have no more tanks if the rate of attrition continues at this rate.”

Shortages are also being suffered by Ukraine, with a report early in the war highlighting that its army was outgunned by its Russian counterpart 20 to one in artillery and 40 to one in ammunition.

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Since this time, Western nations have worked to maintain Ukraine’s stock levels.

But shortages are not also being felt in these, given decades of military downsizing.

A US defence official late last month told the Wall Street Journal that the level of certain rounds in military storage have become “uncomfortably low”.

In a further blow to Moscow’s advances, Ukraine is also reported to have recaptured over 270 square miles of its territory in the east and south during a counter offensive.

Volodymyr Zelensky last night said: “This week we have good news from Kharkiv Oblast.

“All of you have most likely seen reports about the recent activities of Ukrainian defenders. And I think every (Ukrainian) citizen feels proud of our warriors.”

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