UK weather forecast: Hurricane Sam sends ‘heavy’ Atlantic front to drench nation in DAYS

BBC Weather forecasts plummeting temperatures in Europe

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Due to the remnants of Hurricane Sam, forecasters have predicted a period of heavy rain to start the week. While the weather will improve towards the back end of next week, heavy rain and strong winds are expected on October 4. Indeed, due to the heavy band of weather expected to hit the UK, graphs are predicting as much as 5mm per hour on Monday.

In its forecast between October 4-10, the BBC said: “Low pressure will tend to dominate proceedings over northern Europe, with high-pressure ether side over the North Atlantic and across northeast Europe and Russia.

“That should be the general set-up for most of October but occasional shifts in the position of low pressure could impact the UK at times.

“One such shift could occur next week.

“From Monday to Thursday, further frontal systems are expected to sweep in from the Atlantic and bring some heavy rain and strong winds again – so, not much change there.

“But the rest of the week could see high pressure trying to build from the southwest towards at least the southern half of the UK and into France.

“This could be linked to Hurricane Sam, the remnants of which are expected to be absorbed by a mid-latitude low-pressure system moving northeast towards Iceland. Hurricanes often disrupt European weather patterns, and this instance the knock-on effect could be to amplify high pressure from the east Atlantic into northwest Europe.”

In graphs from WXCharts, the UK will see heavy rainfall on Monday which could reach 20mm.

These downpours will be at their heaviest in the south and London.

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North Wales and northwest England will also see patches of heavy rain with graphs predicting between 15-20mm.

Coupled with the heavy rain, graphs have preidtced temperatures dropping to 4C in some parts of the country.

In Scotland, the mercury will range between 4-7C on Monday, while the majority of the country will temperatures of 8-9C.

These downpours will intensify on Tuesday as the Atlantic front continues to roll across the country.

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Such is the heavy rain, parts of the south of England and coast, could see up to 40mm.

Although not as heavy as the south, parts of the Midlands may also see close to 35mm of rain on Tuesday.

After the two-day deluge, forecasters are predicting drier conditions across the country.

Commenting on the period ending October 10, the BBC concludes: “After fluctuating near or a shade below normal, temperatures would rise a little above average as south-westerly winds bring warmer, more humid air into the British Isles.

“If Hurricane Sam does not move as far northeast then we would expect high pressure to build more in the Atlantic to our west.

“This would keep low pressure overhead but promote cooler north-westerly winds causing temperatures to remain a bit below average instead.

“So, while we have generally high confidence on the broad pattern there is some uncertainty on the exact position of low pressure systems and our temperature forecast due to Hurricane Sam.”

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