UK snow MAP: Met Office warns of ‘cold’ weather – Will it snow THIS WEEK?

Snow could soon fall in Britain for the first time this season as weather forecasters warn “cold” weather is approaching Britain. The UK has had a year of turbulent weather, with multiple storms and extreme heat. Now that October has arrived, a colder system will approach the British Isles.

According to the Met Office, the weather will be “rather cold” in its outlook for Thursday to Saturday this week.

However, the weather agency has not forecast snow yet, and says “a mixture of sunshine and showers” can be expected.

In its forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday, the Met Office said: “Showers becoming confined to parts of northern and central UK with other areas dry with some clear spells developing. Staying breezy.”

“Many places dry with some sunshine. Scattered showers in north, most frequent and perhaps heavy at times across north Scotland.

“Cloud and rain moving across southwest Britain during the day.”

From Thursday to Saturday, the forecast reads: “Rain is likely at times across southern and perhaps central parts during Thursday and Friday.

“Otherwise rather cold with a mixture of sunshine and showers, these heaviest in the northwest.”

In its long-range weather forecast from October 10 to October 19, the Met Office says “unsettled weather” is likely to “dominate”.

Will it snow this week?

According to snow forecast maps from Netweather, Scotland could see snow fall this week.

The forecaster’s snow risk map shows there is a 15 percent chance of snow in the Scottish Highlands on Tuesday.

However, the probability rises significantly next week, and on Monday, October 12, there’s a 75 percent of snow in the area.

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The snow forecast is backed up by maps from WXCHARTS, which are also showing wintry showers in Scotland next week.

For most, however, the week will be dominated by heavy rain across the country.

Large parts of the south and west of England will have a wet week.

So will Wales, who can expect very heavy rain from Wednesday morning.

According to BBC Weather, “wintry showers” and frosty conditions are expected in Scotland.

BBC Weather said: “Some of the wettest autumn weather in the country often develops when high pressure prevents Atlantic low pressure areas from moving eastwards across northern Europe.

“Instead, they slow down and dip south as they approach the UK, stalling over us and leading to prolonged spells of heavy rain.

“As we are seeing at the moment, areas of low pressure often stall across the southern half of the country and northern France.

“This means that the wettest weather can affect areas that often miss the heaviest rainfall.

“We saw this last November, when a similar weather event to this weekend produced a severe flood in Sheffield.

“This weekend east Wales, Exmoor and the West Midlands looks most at risk from some flooding.

“All this cloud and rain will keep temperatures near or below average, with western areas especially cool, due to the northerly winds.”

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