UK long-range weather forecast: Ferocious polar BOMB to freeze UK – shock new charts

The latest cold weather charts show a bitter wind chill sweeping over the UK from a north-westerly direction towards the end of October. This chill will sweep over 0C temperatures across Scotland and northern parts of England on the week of October 21, according to WXCHARTS. And this icy grip will linger until the end of the month as the freezing 0C sweeps further down to the Midlands and towards London.

The Met Office’s long-range forecast between Saturday, October 24 and Saturday, November 7, also warned of wintry weather.

The forecast said: “Confidence becomes low towards the end of the month. However, the early part of the forecast period will likely see a gradual transition from the longer settled spells being in north and northwest with more prevalent rain and showers in the south, to a generally more unsettled pattern across the UK.

“Rain and showers may turn wintry over high ground in the north and northwest, whilst there will also be the odd brief settled spell at times during this period.

“Temperatures likely to stay at or just below average throughout.”

The BBC’s long-range forecast between Monday, October 26 and Sunday, November 8 predicted snow by the start of November.

It said: “Low pressure areas tracking southwards over the UK and Scandinavia will bring several cold, wet and blustery days.

“But, between the fronts, there will be some reasonable sunshine and only a few scattered showers.

“Northerly winds often unevenly distribute showers over the UK.

“Remaining inland areas, and the south coast of England, will have a lot of dry weather and fewer showers, but with some frost at night when winds drop out and the sky clears.

“In past years when northerly winds have been a feature in October and early November, it is possible to experience an early season snowfall, even at low levels.”

The forecast added a La Nina pattern will develop over the tropical Pacific, due to the sea surface temperature cooling at the end of October.

The forecast said: “We can have more confidence than usual that we’ll see some cold northerly plunges in late October and especially in November, due to a ‘La Nina’ pattern over the Tropical Pacific.

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“This means colder than normal sea surface temperatures to the west of Peru, out across the Tropical Pacific.

“When La Nina develops in autumn, this favours a higher chance of northerly winds over the UK during November, as high pressure develops to our west more often.”

Netweather’s Terry Scholey added this week will see temperatures plunge to a chilly 9C.

He said: “After a bright start in some eastern areas, the new working week begins very unsettled as a depression approaches Scotland.

“That’ll bring bursts of locally heavy rain from the West eventually to most parts, but much of the day towards the South East will be dry.

“Northern Ireland, however, will be brighter once residual rain has cleared, with a mix of sunny intervals and scattered showers.

“There’ll be a chilly southerly breeze ahead of the rain and an equally chilly North Westerly wind across Northern Ireland in a very cool day for mid-October, with temperatures generally getting no higher than 9 to 12C.

“It continues unsettled after dark, with further outbreaks of rain.

“There’ll also be a cold northerly wind developing later in most parts. Across Northern Ireland and in the far West skies should break in places, but there’ll continue to be showers.”

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