UK hotter than city of love as temperatures soar just in time for Valentine’s

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    Lovers will be getting hot under the collar as temperatures spike for a steamy Valentine’s Day.

    The UK will be hotter than 12C Paris – famed as the City of Love – as a mini-heatwave blows in tomorrow on the southerly breeze.

    With clear skies and balmy 15C temperatures, it could even be warm enough to sunbathe. But experts have warned us not to ditch the winter wardrobe, with a punishing -11C cold snap on the horizon.

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    John Hammond, a forecaster at Weathertrending, said: “A mild air mass could well see temperatures reach the low or even mid-teens in sunnier areas.

    “It’s a largely dry and gentle-looking spell in prospect for much of the coming week.”

    The dry and sunny conditions will last until Wednesday, when rain is expected throughout the north and west of the country.

    And the Met Office is warning that a “major Sudden Stratospheric Warming” is “likely” to hit the UK at the tail-end of next week.

    The phenomenon will change the direction of winds around the North Pole and send the mercury plummeting into minus figures. Wintry conditions, including snow and ice, will last around 10 days.

    So while there will be a short window in which to enjoy a hint of sunshine with a significant other, it may be necessary to revert to Netflix and chill indoors in the days after.

    But if a trip away was on the cards for some warmer weather, you may be hard pressed to find a European country hotter than the UK for Valentine's day.

    Even sunny Spain looks like it will be on a par with Britain, while the Netherlands will be treated to heavy rain throughout the day, potentially putting a dampener on any romantic celebrations.

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