UK hot weather: TWO surges of 30C African heat to hit Britain in DAYS – latest maps

BBC weather: Dry weather for many with scattered showers

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The Weather Channel, operated and founded by Brian Gaze, is claiming temperatures will spike by the middle of next week thanks to a high pressure system from the Azores. While thermometers will take a temporary, and very slight dip by the end of the week, humidity will begin increasing once again on Sunday, August 14. Mr Gaze said on his channel that by the following day – August 15 – temperatures may well hit 30C once again. More than one meteorological source is predicting the hot weather will be sustained until at least Wednesday, August 17.

Mr Gaze said on his channel: “Values will be starting to rise again and by Sunday 26C maybe 27C in central and eastern England, the south as well, and even in north eastern England it could be 21C to 23C which is very, very respectable.

“That trend will continue early into the next week with perhaps 30C reached on the Monday if this is correct.”

The Weather Channel’s charts for the next fortnight also correspond with those of WX Charts.

Both say the high pressure will begin building by next Monday, August 8, with temperatures starting to really build by Tuesday and Wednesday where 30C may be recorded along the south coast of England.

By Wednesday, August 10 34C highs are expected – which will be the highest peak of the week.

Friday and Saturday will be slightly cooler by around three degrees, before the second surge takes hold on Sunday.

The Met Office’s long range forecast for August 8 to 17 does not explicitly predict a heatwave due to the premature nature of the prediction.

But it does not rule out higher than average temperatures.

It says: “Most places are likely to see a fair amount of settled weather at the start of this period, with a mix of cloud and sunny spells across the country.

“It will be rather cloudy in the north on Monday, perhaps with some rain in the far north, but some bright or sunny spells to the level of high ground and fine and dry elsewhere.

“Temperatures are generally close to or slightly above average, and perhaps very warm or even hot in central and southern parts.

“Further into the period there is still the chance of some periods of organised rain in the north, but generally the dry weather is likely to persist across the country.

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“Temperatures remain above average widely, with further spells of very warm weather possible.”

Senior meteorologist at British Weather Services has also predicted a heatwave which is currently ravaging France will begin moving across to the UK from tomorrow.

Speaking to he said temperatures may even reach 34C.

He added: “It will be early 30s south & South East from Tuesday onwards but no sign of it being any higher as yet, the drought will also continue for the same areas.”

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