UK hot weather forecast: Britain turns RED in new charts – Brits to bake in glorious 25C

UK Weather: Met Office forecast ‘settled conditions’

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Warm weather will sweep in from this afternoon causing temperatures to rise to up to 24C by 6pm today (75.2F) and continuing into Sunday. Netweather’s temperatures charts show Central and Southeastern England will experience the highest temperatures of between 21C (69.8F) and 24C.

The blood orange colours on the charts however will not widely extend into Scotland and Wales with temperatures due to be more moderate.

The mercury will peak at between 17C (62.6F) and 19C (66.2F) across Wales and between 17C and 21C across Scotland.

Meanwhile, the Met Office has said some pockets of England, just north of London, could also see highs of 24C or 25C (77F).

Netweather forecaster Jo Farrow, said: “There is a long striking frontal boundary stretching from the Atlantic to the UK and then across the Baltic Sea.


“Many parts of the UK have been enjoying some September warmth and sunshine and that will be the case on Saturday.

“It will feel warm but with a bit more cloud about.”

The warm pattern will be maintained going into Sunday with temperatures expected to peak at 22C (71.6F) and 23C (73.4F) across the Eastern half of England.

Meanwhile, the South West of England and Wales will see more moderate temperatures of between 17C (62.6F) and 20C (68F).

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Nicola Maxey, spokesperson at the Met Office, added: “You’re much more likely to see highs of 23 degrees more widely but we could see some spots reaching highs of 24 or 25C.

“It will be similar on Sunday, with places such as Lincolnshire potentially seeing similar temperatures, but still the higher temperatures being in isolated pockets rather than widespread.”

She added: “Sunday perhaps will see an increased chance of rain, but there’s still plenty of sunny spells around and fine weather.”

The weather will take a turn on Monday, with the Met Office predicting next week to be the start of autumnal weather.

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Heavy rain will push across England through the early hours of Monday.

It will then be a fine day for eastern parts of England and Scotland, while there will be heavy showers in western parts.

Ms Maxey added: “We have got a cold front moving into Northern Ireland and Scotland on Sunday and then crossing from east to west of the UK on Monday.

“That’s bringing some potentially heavy rain.

“There’s still some sunshine scattered round on Monday but we could see heavier showers.

“Hail and thunder is also a risk to the North and West, so Monday heralds a real change towards the autumnal-style weather.”

It comes as people have been warned by the AA to not top up their cars “outside of their normal routines” ahead of planning any potential weekend trips away to take advantage of the weather.

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