UK heatwave: Exact date maps turn DARK RED pinpointed as 30C Azores high to blast country

Weather: BBC forecasts sunshine and showers across the UK

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Weather forecaster Jim Dale has said the UK will reach up to 30C in southeast England in the second week of July. Meanwhile, maps from weather forecaster WXCharts will turn red on July 15. The forecaster has predicted temperatures of up to 29C in London.

Birmingham will see maximum temperatures of 26C, while Scotland will see highs of 24C.

Temperatures will start to warm up from July 12, bringing highs of 24C in London, 25C in Birmingham and 22C in the north.

Mr Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, told that the warm weather will begin after a week of cooler, “mostly temperate” conditions.

The rise in temperatures, he said, will be caused by high pressure from the Azores.

The forecaster said: “I think it will take a week into July before we start to heat up a bit.

“We’re basically waiting for the Azores high to make its way in, but we’re not there yet.

“These next seven days, it’s mostly temperate weather.

“Showers and/or occasionally the odd spell of persistent rain.

“Once the Azores high starts to push its nose in, its northeastern edge, pressure starts rising.

“It starts to get there seven or eight days from now.

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“The high pressure then sits on the UK.

“There’s initially much more sunshine.

“For most parts, we get rid of the rain and the showers.

“Northwest Scotland keeps it for a while and as the Azores high pushes up, they’ll be on the edge of the better weather.

“The warmest weather will tend to be in the southwest corner but it does drag itself up.

“As we move forward from next Wednesday, we start to see an increase in temperatures.

“We will see 27C, 28C up into 30C in southeast England.”

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