Truth behind This Morning fraud couple who swindled £734,000 from council

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A fraudster family who appeared on This Morning swindled their local council out of £734,000 after successfully faking a brain disorder.

Laura and Philip Borrell, along with Mrs Borrell's mother Frances Noble, scammed Hertfordshire Council Council out of £733,936 over a 12 year period after Noble, 66, lied about having a neurological disorder.

Noble had several carers and was given 'direct payments' between August 2005 and November 2018, which her daughter and son-in-law — who once appeared on This Morning to discuss dementia — were accused of laundering.

Care packages like the one awarded to Noble are designed for people who need help paying for care, but the family, from Hitchin, Herts, kept the cash for themselves.

Neighbours became suspicious of the family when they noticed Mrs Borrell had a huge number of parcels delivered and drove a top-of-the-range car despite not working.

One resident told The Times : "Delivery vans all day long… ordering lots of stuff, like money was no object."

Another said: "There were Amazon vans coming every single day. And then this brand new top-of-the-range Volvo arrived. You started thinking, what does he do? What does she do?"

Carers also suspected that Noble was exaggerating her needs, sparking the council to launch a fraud investigation.

All three — who moved to Germany a few months ago — were due to stand trial at St Albans Crown Court on Wednesday, April 27 after pleading not guilty in June 2020. However, they changed their pleas to guilty this week and are due to be sentenced on June 24.

The Borrells returned to the UK before their court hearing while Noble remained in Berlin.

The pensioner claimed they pleaded guilty in an attempt to bring an end to a case because they are running out of money to fight the claims, according to The Times.

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The Borrell's appeared on ITV's This Morning in 2017 to discuss Laura's battle with dementia. Then 39, she was introduced by Phillip Schofield as 'one of the youngest people to be diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia'.

Borrell said doctors were baffled by her condition because of her age and claimed they told her she was being "hysterical".

Unan Choudhury, a lawyer representing Laura, told The Times that she denies any allegation of wrongdoing relating to the dementia.

He said: "She has suffered with serious neurological illnesses in the past and continues to suffer with illnesses now. She is receiving specialist treatment for her various conditions."

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