Treasure hunters discover Britain’s own sunken city of Atlantis off UK coast

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Treasure hunters reckon they might have discovered Britain's own Atlantis off the UK coast in an astonishing find.

Evidence of two Stone Age settlements were found in the North Sea after artefacts were uncovered on the banks of a submerged ancient river.

It could be over 10,000 years old according to archaeologists, the Mirror reports.

They were found close to the village of Blakeney on the Norfolk coast. Experts from the UK and Belgium worked together and travelled 25 miles north of the village to make the exciting find.

Archaeologists believe the artefacts are evidence of two settlements which once existed thousands of years ago.

It is the first time experts have found treasure so deeply submerged in the sea.

Comparisons to Atlantis have been made because the fictional island was apparently sunk in the Atlantic Ocean.

It was said to have been submerged in the ocean after falling out of favour with the Greek gods.

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The seabeds these new items have come from are yet to be assessed by experts. The area near the Norfolk coast was targeted as scientists used their knowledge of what Stone Age settlements were like when on land.

Archaeologists reckon they may have discovered why humans were so attracted in Stone Age times to areas which were submerged into the sea around 6,000BC.

The area was likely to have been ideal for settlers who relied on fishing and hunting for survival, while evidence found nearby hints there were resources for people to make flint for their tools.

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Experts are now expected to further investigate the area to see if they can find anymore historical treasure.

A mini submarine will be sent down to the seabed while divers may also be sent down there too.

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