Tragic Arthur Labinjo-Hughes’ family in funeral feud as dad’s relatives ‘banned’

Devastated family members of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes have reportedly been told they’re not allowed to go to the tragic tot's funeral after a feud between his loved ones.

It is understood the late six-year-old’s paternal relatives have been banned from attending the remembrance event by maternal members of the family.

It was announced last month that Olivia Labinjo-Halcrow, Arthur’s mum who is behind bars for killing her partner, would be allowed to bury her son.

But a man who says he is the brother of Thomas Hughes – Arthur’s cruel dad who was involved in his torture and killing – claims his side of the family has been barred from attending.

Daniel posted to the Arthur’s Voice Facebook page: “Today, my family and I were informed we will not be allowed to attend the funeral."

He said he wouldn’t try to “gatecrash” the funeral and slammed the decision as “a new low”.

The uncle tried to make police aware of his concerns about Arthur’s wellbeing before the tragedy, but was threatened with arrest.

“It’s not a pick a side situation. There are no sides. There is only Arthur. Maternal and paternal families grieve for him,” he added.

After his initial post, Daniel tried to put the focus back on the six-year-old with a clip of him playing golf.

He posted: "This group is about Arthur. The last 24 hours it has turned away from that and that is down to what I said.

"Whilst I don’t regret it, I also know Arthur would not have wanted any bickering from either side of his family."

Madeleine Halcrow, the maternal grandmother to Arthur, admitted in the past she hoped for “some sort of agreement with the Hughes family”.

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Evil Thomas Hughes agreed to release his son’s body in December after an alleged disagreement left Arthur's remains in a hospital in the Midlands.

He instructed the remains of the youngster to go to his mum’s side of the family after a service, with Arthur's mum having control of the ashes.

Hughes is serving a 21-year jail term for his son's manslaughter, while evil stepmum Emma Tustin was caged for 29 years for his murder.

The attorney general announced that the sentences were being reviewed for being too lenient.

Daniel has been contacted for comment.

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