Tot mauled to death by pack of dogs who covered body in 40 bloodied bite marks

A two-year-old girl has died after she was mauled to death by a pack of dogs who covered her body in bite marks.

The tragic death of the youngster comes after she was mauled by the pack of dogs, with some sources indicating three or four savage animals were responsible.

An unnamed two-year-old was killed in the sickening attack on February 19, which is said to have taken place while her parents were at work.

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The youngster is said to have been left with 30 to 40 brutal bite marks from the pack of dogs, with the youngster rushed to a hospital in Surat, India, but sadly dying days after the attack.

Her father, Ravikumar Kahar, is said to have rushed home from work after hearing of the attack, taking her to a hospital in the Khajod area.

Doctors say that the youngster had 30 to 40 dog bites across her body, with a government hospital carrying out a minor operation and days of treatment.

Unfortunately, after three days of treatment from doctors, the youngster succumbed to her wounds, which were said to have been deep bites near to her head, lungs and back.

Dr Ketan Nayak confirmed that the youngster had sadly died of the injuries sustained in the brutal attack.

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Following on from the incident, the Surat Municipal Corporation hired a non-government hospital who are now tasked with sterilising dogs in the city, DeccanHerald reported.

According to Mayor Hemaliben Boghawala, the corporation will do everything they can to deal with the dog population in the city, which is reportedly 20,000 strong.

Similar incidents have since been reported in other areas of India, with a four-year-old recently mauled to death by stray dogs on the same day as the two-year-old girl.

The unrelated incident had been recorded in grim CCTV camera footage, where the young boy was dragged into the road by a pack of dogs.

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