Top doctor who killed his lover with cocaine on penis ordered to pay £12k

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    An ex-surgeon who was jailed for nine years and dubbed 'Dr Coke Penis' after he killed his lover when he sprinkled drugs on his manhood must pay almost £12k in damages.

    In 2019, a woman identified as Yvonne M died after performing oral sex on Andreas David Niederbichler, 46, when he sprinkled cocaine along his penis.

    Yvonne suffered a shortness of breath and overdosed, leading to her death, and now, the doc must pay insurers IKK Gesund Plus who coughed up for hairdresser Yvonne's treatment before she died.

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    Niederbichler, who had pulled similar stunts before, must pay €13,280 (£11,500).

    During the trial he had claimed the victim was aware he had put a line of cocaine on his genitals, but a court rejected this claim. Niederbichler was charged with aggravated rape and bodily harm.

    Niederbichler's lawyers had previously refused to pay in an earlier case claiming Yvonne had taken the cocaine voluntarily.

    He had been ordered to pay £25,000 compensation to her husband and son.

    But now the civil court found him responsible for her death and ordered him to pay the claim from medical insurers.

    Earlier hearings had shown how Niederbichler had acted similarly with three other women.

    Prosecutors also said he secretly put cocaine in glasses of champagne, their lipstick and their toothpaste.

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    Niederbichler, who was compared to Fifty Shades of Grey character Christian Grey during his initial trial, had been working as a head physician at the Ameos Clinic for Plastic, Aesthetic and Hand Surgery in Halberstadt, Saxony-Anhalt state.

    Before that, he was head physician for Plastic, Aesthetic and Hand Surgery at the Dessau Municipal Hospital.

    The German pair had met on a dating website before engaging in consensual sex.

    Yvonne M's 64-year-old father, identified only as Juergen M, told Bild his daughter was Dr Niederbichler's patient, and he is c onvinced the suspect deliberately chose her as his alleged victim.

    Juergen said: "He promised to heal our daughter – now she is dead. She was very pretty and a patient of his. He operated on her twice for tendonitis.

    "I have to distract myself every day somehow, otherwise I will go insane. Had she died in an accident, we could have come to terms with it. But not with this."

    After the news of Yvonne's death, the devastated father suffered a heart attack and had to have two stents implanted.


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