Thug torturing dog suffers instant karma when vigilante cow stamps over him

A horrifying video shows a man bully a yelping dog and pull it up by its ears – only to be knocked down by a cow.

The unidentified man pulls the dog up on its back legs by its ears which seems to cause it pain and distress because it yelps frantically and tries to escape.

When the dog eventually breaks free, a split-second later the man is attacked by a furious cow that appears out of nowhere.

The man is trampled by the horned cow after being knocked to the ground, and the video then cuts out.

It's not clear what happened next because the footage cuts out.

Susanta Nanda, an Indian Forest Service Officer with a large Twitter following, shared the footage on his page but it's not clear where it originated from.

He simply captioned it "karma" and the post has been watched 380,000 times and racked up more than 20,000 "likes".

One viewer tweeted: "In spite of pain she is not hurting him.

"Kindness that animal shows, we humans lack. How do we bring about the change?"

Another blasted: "Humans were busy recording, one animal understood the other and helped."

Someone else said: "Cows have more emotional sense compared to many animals."

Cows sometimes trample people when they feel threatened and farmers say it's more likely to happen to you if you are walking a dog.

This is because the cows, particularly when they have calves, view the dogs as predators.

People are advised to let the dogs off the leash if they are being charged so they can run to safety and also distract the cow.

A man was trampled to death by cows while walking with his dog in the Yorkshire Dales last year.

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