Three chimpanzees shot dead after daring escape from their zoo enclosures

Three chimpanzees have been shot after a daring attempt at a bid for freedom went horribly wrong.

The shocking incident happened inside Sweden's Furuvik Zoo, and four chimps remain on the run,

According to local media, the group of apes escaped from their enclosure and started to run amuck around the zoo.

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Officials had tried to help one of the chimps which was injured, but were unable to get inside the building to give them medical attention because of the swarm of others trying to escape.

The zoo remains closed to the public.

An official said: “A chimpanzee is considered a high-risk animal – if this kind of animal gets out into the zoo, it can pose a threat to people’s lives.

“We cannot yet allow people to move freely in the park and we are still on full alert.

“Our focus right now is to get an overview of where the four are now so that we can start working on getting them back to their enclosures in a safe way.

“We have to think about people’s lives and safety in the first place. No employees are allowed to work in close contact with animals like this.”

Officials explained that the reason behind three of them being shot dead was because they did not have enough tranquilliser for all of them.

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How and why the chimps escaped has not yet been figured out – and zoo staff have been evacuated because of the danger to life the chimpanzees pose.

No plan on how the situation is going to be resolved has been released to the public, but the Daily Star has reached out to the zoo for a comment.

The zoo is located around 100 miles north of Stockholm, and is mainly use for primate research – it is the only one of its kind anywhere in the Nordic region.

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