Thomas Markle warning: Meghan’s dad makes devastating warning – ‘I’ll keep cashing in!’

In a recent interview with TMZ, Thomas Markle hit back at his critics one more. The lighting director was quick to voice his opinion that he had been dragged into the situation with his daughter. He told TMZ that he now needs to do what ever he could to look out for himself and has no plans to go silent anytime soon.

Meghan Markle’s 75-year-old father Thomas Markle has revealed he will continue to “cash in” on paid interviews and public appearances.

Mr Markle has made his feelings about his daughter no secret in last month’s explosive Channel 5 documentary.

During the documentary, named Thomas Markle: My Story, the father of three said the Royal Family “owe him”.

The American said: “At this point, they owe me. The royals owe me.

“Harry owes me, Meghan owes me. What I’ve been through I should be rewarded for.”

However, despite the harsh warning, Mr. Markle has since hit back at any claims he wanted money from his famous daughter and Prince Harry.

Instead, he claimed he would instead keep cashing in on his own story, which will include him booking paid interviews and public appearances.

The grandfather, who is yet to meet royal grandson Archie previously said: ”My daughter told me that when I reach my senior years she’ll take care of me.

“I’m in my senior years now, it’s time to look after daddy.”

In the documentary, that aired in January, Thomas Markle also revealed fears the next time he will see his daughter will be at his own funeral.

Thomas hasn’t seen his daughter since she married Prince Harry.

The news comes after Thomas Markle made clear the Duchess of Sussex should expect him to appear as a witness in her legal battle with the Mail on Sunday.

The Mail on Sunday previously published a letter Meghan wrote to her father detailing her heartbreak over their falling out.

He said via The Sun: “I wish it hadn’t come to this.

“But I will certainly testify against the things that have been said about me.

“The lies. When me and Meghan end up in a courtroom together, it will be quite stunning for everybody.”

The father of three also promised that “everything will come out” if he was to appear in court.

He continued: “It will be emotional.

“I don’t know how we will both accept it.

“It would be the worst place to have to meet her and Harry.

“But it might come down to that because I will certainly testify against the things that have been said about me.

On the couple’s decision to leave senior royal duties behind, Thomas said it was the “dumbest thing.”

He went on to call Harry “whipped” and even said that “Meghan has turned into his mother”.

He then said of case: “I don’t like doing this to her. But I also don’t like what she has been doing to me. Everything has to come out when you go to court.”

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