‘There has to be retribution’ Putin’s mouthpieces plot strike back after ammo dump bombed

Putin's mouthpiece plots retribution for destroyed ammo dump

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Korotchenko, who is reported to be close to the Kremlin’s top brass informed Russian state TV that the Ukrainian government should be targeted and all the country’s infrastructure destroyed as punishment for the destroyed ammo dumps. Russia has suffered a number of blows to the supply lines which feed the Kremlin’s stuttering military operation in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region. 

Korotchenko told Russia1: “We need a retaliatory response.

“There was a crime, now there has to be retribution.

“We’re talking about a just retribution.

“They fired not against a Ukrainian region, they fired on Russia.”

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“The Kherson region is Russia,” continued Korotchenko.

“The Zaporizhzhia region is Russia.

“The Kharkiv region is Russia, Odesa and Mykolaiv are Russia. They’re shooting at us.

“There is a more radical and a more simple way to solve the problem with deliveries of western weapons to Ukraine.”

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He added: “To destroy key objects of the railway infrastructure in the West, where the transfer from Poland arrives, and in the South, for the transfer from Romania.

“Perhaps there are some political circumstances that aren’t allowing for the realization of the concept of striking the decision-making centers in Kyiv.

“The scale of additional Western arms deliveries will seriously complicate our successes of conducting our special military operation.

“This is time to hit the bridges, to collapse the bridges into the Dnipro River.”


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“For every Ukrainian strike against Russian Kherson, Russian Nova Kahovka, a bridge should be collapsed into the Dnipro,” said the Kremlin mouthpiece.

“Let’s not be too shy to do it.”

It comes as Russia’s proxies in the occupied Kherson region announced plans for a referendum on joining Russia later this year.

The Kremlin said the votes are a matter for the regional officials and has not commented on the prospect of the entities joining Russia.

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