Terrifying moment woman is almost killed by neighbour heaving sofa out of window

This is the moment a flat owner threw his old sofa out of the window because he was too lazy to take it down the stairs — and almost killed his female neighbour in the process.

The flat owner named Mesut Duran, whose age was not given and who lives in the district of Uskudar in the Turkish province of Istanbul, bought a new sofa and wanted to get rid of the old one.

According to the local media, Mesut was too lazy to carry the sofa down the stairs, so he decided to throw it out of the window on June 9.

The incident was recorded by the building's security camera and captures the moment the sofa almost lands on his neighbour.

In the video, a woman is seen walking out of the building just as the sofa fell out of the window, and she escaped being crushed to death under the sofa by seconds.

Later on in the video, the shocked woman is seen looking up at the window clearly annoyed and raises a hand and points at her neighbour before walking away.

Speaking to the news website DHA about the incident, Mesut said, "I bought a new sofa. I looked, and there was no one in front of the building. I decided it was okay to throw the old sofa out of the window."

Mesut added, "My neighbour came out of the building just as I threw the sofa down. The sofa almost fell on her.

"She was scared. I was also shocked when she suddenly came out of the building.

"She's had a lucky escape. She would have died. I was almost a murderer."

Waste collectors reportedly collected the sofa.

The unidentified woman, who is seen unharmed in the video, has not made any comment on the incident.

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