Terrifying moment woman catches fire during flaming cocktail mishap

A woman was left in agony when a failed flaming cocktail trick accidentally set her on fire.

Video shared on social media shows the 25-year-old, who is known by the surname Tam, attempting to drink Flaming Lamborghini in a Martini glass.

As the bartender brings the fancy drink to the table — with a shot glass placed on top of an inverted wine glass above the Martini glass — he lights the alcohol on fire.

Tam is seen trying to take a sip of the drink with a straw but her friends can be heard telling her: "It's not ready.

"The alcohol at the bottom is not lit yet."

The confused woman looks at the camera and replies: "I don't get it."

When she goes for her second attempt, the flaming shot glass suddenly falls off and hits on her forehead, leaving her engulfed in flames.

Tam takes a quick step back and screams while her friends run to her aid.

The freak accident took place in a bar at Central, Hong Kong on Wednesday (June 15).

According to local media, she suffered light burns on her forehead and was taken to Queen Mary hospital where she received treatment.

In 2016, a woman in Moscow also ended up burning her face when she tried to drink a flaming shot of Sambuca.

Expert Gregg Lewis, who runs a bartending school in New York, said drinkers should enjoy the cocktail without the fire.

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He said: "Flaming shots were designed to attract people to the bar. It looks cool. A blue flame in a dark bar really illuminates.

"But if a customer gets burned, the only thing you can possibly do is grab your soda gun and hose them down to try to put them out.

"If you're drinking enjoy the cocktail— without the fire."

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